News & Changelog

Suspension Bridge Update

Added settings

  • Generate Poles - Generates poles if true
  • Generate Rails - Generates poles on the set side

VR Radial HUD


  • Fixed incorrect input settings.

Multipurpose Grappling Hook Hotfix


  • Renamed interface functions due to conflict and clarity.

Suspension Bridge Hotfix


  • Cleared stuck material for rope.

Suspension Bridge Hotfix


  • Added setting for rope mesh.

Blueprint Utility Pack 1.4

New AddMod nodes

These nodes will add values together and use modulo afterwards. Useful for scrolling through a looping list like your weapons. Use SmartMod if you want to it to work with negative values as well.
  • FloatAddMod
  • FloatAddSmartMod
  • FloatAddVarMod
  • FloatAddVarSmartMod
  • IntAddMod
  • IntAddSmartMod
  • IntAddVarMod
  • IntAddVarSmartMod

New RandomAbsRange nodes

These nodes will help you generate random values within a range of a value. (The difference between the random value and the center value will be less or equal to the Range)
  • RandomFloatAbsRange
  • RandomFloatAbsRangeStream
  • RandomIntAbsRange
  • RandomIntAbsRangeStream

Few new vector nodes

  • VectorWithinDistanceXY - Checks if the distance is within the value on the XY axis
  • VectorWithinHeight - Checks if the distance is within the value on the Z axis
  • VectorCombinePlaneHeight - Combines two vectors using one for the XY coordinates and one for the Height(Z)

VR Radial HUD 4.26(+) Hotfix

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Pointer Index (Motion Controller) error in 4.26 or newer versions.

Transform Components


  • Transformation following a list of transforms with delays and lengths.
  • Curve based transformations
  • Sine transformations
  • Constant transformations
  • Additional controls and settings such as looping, reversing, auto starting.
Available at Unreal Marketplace

Mesh & Actor Placement v7.3


  • Added "Face Center" to arch versions for easier rotation.

Mesh & Actor Placement - Hotfix

Bug fixes

  • Removed NodeGraphAssistant plugin from .uproject

Mesh & Actor Placement v7.2


  • Added "Place permanent copies" to Actor versions

VR Levitate Objects


  • Reworked input system to 4.24 standard.